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Do you want to become more satisfied with your life in ways that, so far, seem out of reach?

You don’t have to go through this process alone. Anne M. Coleman, LCSW, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is here to help through quality mental health counseling and behavioral therapy services.

What may feel overwhelming to you may become manageable with someone who understands what you’re going through, and how you may move forward to satisfying relationships to those around you, your life’s work, and most importantly, to yourself.

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Areas of Specialty

Areas of Specialty

Psychotherapy for Adults Strugging With:
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Panic Disorder
• Relationship Issues
• Poor Self-Esteem
• Life Transitions
• Postpartum Depression
• Parenting Issues
• Grief/Loss
• Work & Academic Inhibitions
• Self-Defeating Behaviors
• Obsessions & Compulsions
• Personal Growth Setbacks
• Stress Management
• Abuse Issues

About Anne

About Anne

As a full-service counselor and clinical social worker, Anne Coleman, LCSW provides a caring, confidential environment to safely examine those issues that continue to trouble you.

Her psychoanalytically informed approach combined with solution-focused, supportive, and cognitive behavioral therapies allows you to promote your growth at a much deeper and enduring level.
Her wish is to help you discover the emotional freedom necessary to experience your life more fully.

Contact her today so you can begin your work together to help you find the relief and/or fulfillment you are seeking. She is available to assist you as needed.

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Anne Coleman provides high-quality, compassionate, and effective mental health counseling and therapy services in the Triangle Area, including Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Hillsborough, Pittsboro, Cary, and Apex.

I have immediate openings for tele-therapy (video or phone sessions) and would be honored to support you during this time of uncertainty.

She works mainly with adults.  Click here for full detail on the services available.

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You can review the full disclosure statement here.

I will also provide you a physical copy at the time of our first appointment..

You can review the full privacy statement here.

I will also provide you a physical copy at the time of our first appointment..

“Anne is a wonderful, sensitive therapist, who is devoted to her clients.”

“Prior to working with Anne, I kept making all the wrong choices. My life seemed unmanageable at times. Therapy helped see what I was doing to myself and gave me the courage to begin making healthy choices.”

“Anne is such a good listener with a kind heart.”

“I am forever grateful to see how much I have grown as a person. My life is headed in such a better direction now!”

“Working with Anne is definitely worth it – I am feeling so much stronger now.”.


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